NFTerra.Online – Game & Graphic Design

Planning the game concept

We’ve recently told about the lander-page of our game concept NFTerra.Online.

Additionally we’ve done:

  • Logo & Graphic Design
  • Image AI generation
  • Prototyping and Sketching
  • Visual presentation
  • Content creation
  • Game concept planning
  • World & Character creation

In this post, we’ll delve into the game concept and explore additional developments and design we’ve made.

Gameplay, introduction and content

We’ve delved deep into the realms of imagination and innovation, crafting a universe that stands as a testament to our creativity. By melding cutting-edge smart technologies with the tried-and-true elements of MMORPGs, we’ve forged a landscape that’s both familiar and groundbreaking.

But how does this intricate fusion unfold? Can these diverse elements seamlessly coexist, or are we embarking on an impossible endeavor?

Countless hours have been dedicated to pondering these very questions, each moment infused with a fervent desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

A whole digital world with beings

In the vibrant realm of NFTerra.Online, we’ve meticulously crafted a diverse array of eight fictional species/classes, each offering unique experiences and challenges for players to explore.

Delving deep into the lore of this virtual world, we’ve painstakingly developed rich backstories for each species, imbuing them with depth and complexity that adds layers to the gameplay experience. These backstories serve as the foundation upon which players can build their own narratives and adventures, intertwining their fates with the intricate tapestry of the game world.

Moreover, we’ve harnessed the power of AI to generate prompts for avatar creation, ensuring that every player can seamlessly immerse themselves in the fantastical realm of NFTerra.Online. From the subtle nuances of facial features to the grandeur of armor designs, our graphic design team has spared no effort in crafting visually stunning avatars that reflect the essence of each species.

But the creation of these species goes beyond mere aesthetics; we’ve meticulously balanced their RPG attribute distributions and bonus skills to ensure a level playing field for all. Through countless iterations and rigorous testing, we’ve fine-tuned each species to offer a unique yet balanced gameplay experience, allowing players to choose their path with confidence and embark on epic adventures without fear of imbalance.

A Pantheon of stunning AI pixel art

Within the digital realm of NFTerra.Online, players encounter four powerful entities known as the gods: Gilgamech, Ishthore, Hermethot, and Hermadite.

Each god offers unique blessings to their followers, but also imposes demanding requirements for their worship.

From Gilgamech’s strength to Ishthore’s charisma, from Hermethot’s intellect to Hermadite’s dexterity, players must choose their patron carefully, for their allegiance shapes not only their own destinies but also the fate of the virtual world itself.

Moreover, players have the option to abstain from “worship” and adopt the label of “Heathens.”

Design and concept of in-game items

Our development journey for NFTerra.Online has been a labor of creativity and innovation, resulting in an expansive array of in-game elements that enrich the player experience. From a multitude of meticulously designed items and concepts to the intricate weaving of skills, stats, and magical effects, every detail has been carefully considered to immerse players in a captivating virtual world.

You can catch a glimpse of our imaginative creations showcased on the NFTerra.Online homepage, where the essence of our vision is vividly portrayed. Among the plethora of offerings, certain consumables have captured our hearts, notably the exotic Spice Terrange and the delectable Spicy Roll. These items not only tantalize the taste buds but also offer unique benefits and experiences within the game.

One of the hallmarks of NFTerra.Online is the revival of classic pixel art, seamlessly integrated into a futuristic gaming environment. This nostalgic aesthetic adds depth and charm to the game, invoking a sense of wonder and adventure reminiscent of bygone eras. With each pixel, old-school artwork breathes new life into the digital landscape, bridging the gap between past and future in a visually stunning display.

Learning new

As we embarked on this journey, our knowledge of game design and development was limited, if not entirely lacking.

NFTerra.Online emerges as a mobile gaming experience powered by the Unity engine, integrating the innovative capabilities of Google geolocation atop blockchain technology.